Optimize Your Hotel Front Desk Operation

Optimize Hotel Front Desk Operation

Technology comes to help

Do you have a problem with finding qualified front office staff for your hotel?

Do you have a problem with finding qualified front office staff for your hotel? Each year, you hire new people, train them, and they can leave after a few months.

Does it sound familiar to you?

Finding good staff for reception, guests services or concierge services becomes an increasingly difficult task for hoteliers.

Typically, professionals with the following personal and professional skills are demanded:

  • Excellent knowledge of at least 2 foreign languages
  • Experience in communicating and serving guests
  • Always smiling and welcoming

For your staff to be really good, you need to invest enough time and resources to train them.

Unfortunately, it often happens that you choose the wrong people, or your well-trained employee leaves and puts you in a difficult situation before the season.

You cannot stop people from looking for new opportunities, better conditions, getting sick or not using their annual leave.

It all costs your hotel money, which is sometimes ineffective.

Is there a solution?

Hotelier of the future will probably not have these problems because robots, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence will have solved them. However, we still have about 20 more years to this future.

Like every realm of our lives, the hospitality industry is striving to achieve more sustainable and efficient spending of resources. Through technology, we try to make every activity of human life more effective.

And if the total replacement of the physical human work in the hotels is still far away, many novelties in this direction are already a reality.

It is now a self-check on arrival by kiosks in the lobby of the hotel, the opening of the hotel doors using a smartphone, voice assistants, and digital assistants for guests such as Fronto.

The digital assistants will help your front office staff to be more efficient in servicing guests and will save you money.

How does the digital assistant save costs for front office staff?

The digital assistant is the first digital contact of your guests when they arrive at the hotel and connect to the free Wi-Fi network you provide.

The digital assistant works 24/7. It does not use weekends, leave or hospital. It always provides the same level of service, the loyalty is guaranteed, and will never leave unless you do not fire him. The more you train, that is, the more information you give him, the more useful he gets for the guests and replaces more than the work of real employees.

Studies have shown that the Millennials generation prefers the option of self-service before having to look for a hotel employee to get information or book a service. The digital assistant would be more effective in serving these guests than any real employee.

Using familiar technology with which guests are accustomed to their everyday life, the hotel gets easier with them without incurring extra costs for more staff.

The digital hotel assistant would effectively replace several employees in large hotel complexes with many guests and high costs for guest relations staff.

On the other hand, hotels that cannot afford a Concierge service or more guest-friendliness can save those costs with a digital assistant while innovatively delivering the service.

Last but not least, this technology leads to less cost and time for training new staff, as all the information is created, systemized, and helps service staff as well.

More upsales? Yes!

Services are always available to the guest via his phone, and he sees them more often, which would lead to more frequent use. And easier booking through your mobile device leads to more sales.

The digital assistant does not want a % commission to be stimulated to sell more; that is, more revenue remains for the hotel.

Internet is also the most effective way to advertise hotel services - the easiest way to get advertising is to go and is virtually free of charge for you.

Make the technology your helper

Digital technologies have changed the global economy and are beneficial to your business because one of their goals is to optimize the cost of human labor.

Do not miss this significant marketing opportunity by using the free Wi-Fi you provide to your guests.

Connect your internet network with a solution like the Digital Hotel Assistant.

This will make your guests more informed and satisfied, and you will be able to reduce your staff costs and the cost for training new employees.

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