5 Hotel Trends That Are Elevating The Guest Experience in 2019

5 Hotel Trends That Are Elevating The Guest Experience in 2019

The newer generations are highly tech savvy and the way forward for every industry has been technologically driven innovation. The hotel industry is no exception.

With guests willing to freely share their data and provide information on how to improve quality of service, hotels are taking advantage of this new opportunity. Digital hotel assistant's like Fronto help guests navigate through events, services and more at their hotels. It even helps plan hotel bookings to coincide with interesting events.

1. High End Self-Service Guest Solutions

Giving power back to the customer is one of the hotel trends that is elevating the guest experience. With cleverly designed apps and web portals to take requests, the guest is able to let staff know their requirements easily and instantly. All this without having to pick up the hotel phone and dial the correct number. It can be confusing to choose between the reception, concierge, room service and all the other departments of the hotel. Giving guests the power to make decisions without interacting with anyone is a true sign that a hotel is fit for guests of the millennial generation

With cleverly designed info, booking and social modules, Fronto takes care of the nuances of self-service guest solutions. The platform works between the hotel and the end user to bridge the information gap and improve guest experience. Guests can book themselves for events, make concierge requests through IM's and make reservations too. The world has gone mobile and riding this wave is one of the hotel trends 2019 is definitely going to see.

Convenient chat and request features make it easy for guests to get things done even when outside the hotel. There's no longer any need to be physically present at the hotel to request services. This is one of the strongest hospitality trends 2019 will see, especially among millennials.

They can have hot food waiting for them in their rooms as soon as they get in. Easy check in and check out and much more, makes hotel self-service solutions one of the key features of next generation hoteliering.

2. Good Food Good Life

It is no secret that quality food from room service and hotel restaurants enhances the guest experience. International and multi-cuisine restaurants are more important than ever as per the hospitality trends 2019 is expected to see. Millennial customers are well versed in different types of cuisines and are very particular about what they eat.

Sourcing local and organic food makes the value offered much higher to this new generation of health conscious guests. With massive increases in the number of people following strict diets even as they travel, being able to cater to these needs is crucial. Vegan, gluten-free, paleo and keto diets are becoming much more common and are quickly being incorporated into hotel trends.

It is not just the cuisines or the ingredients either, the guest experience is well served by great delivery too. In-room dining and restaurant booking is made much easier through the use of apps. Booking a restaurant, placing an order and arriving just in time is one of the hotel self-service solutions that is extremely sought after.

3. Simple, homely designs for rooms

Gone are the days when extravagant and luxurious interiors were what guests wanted. Among the hotel trends 2019 has seen, home is where the heart is. Millennial guests prefer to stay in hotels that feel more like home. They like having the amenities that make it easier for them to go about their day normally.

The bedding is another feature that the new generation is very particular about. Being able to decide what kind of mattress or pillows they want enhances the guest experience and helps ensure a more comfortable sleep. Digital orders for customization of bedding is another inspiring hotel trend this year.

4. Next Level Personalization

In today's world, personalization is one of the key offerings that helps businesses make the cut. Hotels are no different. Creating more personalized experiences through technological inputs like chatbots, instant messaging, interactive apps etc. helps drive customer satisfaction. Remembering guest routines, tailoring experiences based on past visits and laying the foundation for the advanced check-in helps elevate the guest experience.

Partnering up with a digital hotel assistant like Fronto helps hotels identify their clientele's needs and desires so that they may cater to them more effectively. The app provides a basis on which the hotel can engineer a more personalized experience. Sharing information is entirely in the hands of the guest, however, with Fronto, hotels can initiate better service than before. Suggest entertainment venues and experiences in the city that will make their stay more memorable.

5. Eco-Friendly Guest Experience

The next generation of guests are increasingly conscious about their carbon footprint and damage to the environment. Making sure your hotel is taking the efforts necessary to be a positive force for the environment helps elevate both your reputation and the guest experience.

Using little to no plastic products, increasing eco-friendly paper consumption and more digital experiences ahead of hard copies makes all the difference. Deploying efficient technology to control water and electrical usage helps the earth and makes you a force for good. It is important to millennials to feel like their money is being invested in businesses that care about the earth as much as they do. The eco-friendly is so highly valued that it is even considered worth paying a premium for.


Self service is the in thing for the new generation. Wherever they go, millennials like to do things by themselves. They like to be given choices and the power to make the decisions. This is why digital hotel assistants like Fronto can be such useful partners to hotels. The clever interface can be used wherever the guest goes and the interaction does not need a new application install for every hotel they visit. Making things convenient and workable at the click of a button, or a few taps at most is what the new generation is after.

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