5 Simple Things Your Hotel Guests Will Appreciate

5 Simple Things Your Hotel Guests Will Appreciate

There is nothing more important in the world of hotel customer service than being able to meet the needs of the customer.

Sometimes it requires thinking outside the box or using modern day technology to get the job done. That’s where things such as Digital Hotel Assistant Fronto come into play. No longer are we as hotel managers tied down to the staff at the reception desk. Now customers can get the support they need by just using an app on their smartphone.

Don’t keep your guests waiting

The one thing a guest hates more than anything is waiting. It ruins the experience when they have to wait forever to talk to someone at the reception desk. No one likes to wait to have a simple question answered. Hotel owners who operate a busy establishment know that it’s almost next to impossible to meet the needs of guests with the amount of available staff on hand.

Information gets lost in the details

Your hotel may offer all kinds of amenities. They offer a great opportunity for up sales and to increase customer satisfaction. It’s not uncommon for the average guest to overlook all of the information given to them. How can they know that you offer a spa or a full gym? This is precisely where a digital assistant comes in handy. The customer only has to turn to their smartphone to see all the amenities the hotel has to offer.

Educate guests about local establishments

As hotel owners, we’re always answering the simplest questions. Where’s the closest restaurant? Where can I get my dry cleaning done? While these are important questions, we don’t always have the time to answer them. These questions and so many more can quickly be answered in the app. It gives guests all the local information they need to make the most out of their stay.

It’s all about the personal touch

Everyone likes to feel like they’re important. It’s not possible to remember everyone’s name. The app remembers people and makes sure they feel welcome. It’s small touches like this that can make a big difference.

Problems are addressed quickly

People today are very impatient. They want an answer to their question right away. It’s not always possible to give them undivided attention when everyone is busy. Using an app to solve your problems makes it possible. Customers can answer questions and the staff and work hard answering them. It cuts through the noise and enables issues to be addressed quickly and thoroughly.

It’s all about customer satisfaction

All of us in the hotel industry know what impact customer satisfaction has on our business. It should be our goal every day to exceed the expectations of our guests. No one has tentacles like an octopus, and at some point, customer service becomes bottlenecked. The way to avoid this from happening is by using Fronto. Never before has meeting the needs of customers been so easy.

It’s as simple as making Fronto the landing page for your free wifi. The guest is then walked through the app and all of its advantages. It won’t be long until the entire staff sees the benefit of using an app to address hotel customer service issues. It frees up everyone to put the customer first and to address all of their concerns.

Learn how Fronto is elevating the guest experience.