Maximize hotel digital self-service today

Maximize hotel digital self-service today

The digital mobile world is already here. Is your hotel ready for the digital revolution.

If not, this is your lucky day, get prepared now with the best self-service solution for hotels - the digital hotel assistant Fronto. The answer to give your hotel a powerful competitive advantage is available right now, don't let this incredible opportunity pass you by. Fronto is a modern, easy and intuitive web application for hotels that helps provide your guests with all the information about hotel products and services. Modernize your hotel today with our powerful, intuitive web app. Give guests what they crave for, access anytime and anywhere. We are living in the digital age of always connected 24/7, put your establishment at the top of the game. Fronto is the hotel app game-changer that you've been waiting for. Wait no more. Take full advantage of the latest in 2019 hotel trends and digital self-service.

It comes as no surprise that modern-day travelers are becoming more accustomed to hyper-personalized and streamlined service from their hotels. In fact, if the hotel is going to deliver on its promise of quality, your guests expect a personalized and convenient experience. In today's world, what the customer desires, the hotel must deliver, or else they will head over to your competitors. With the hyper personalization comes an opportunity for hotels to build lasting connections with high valued clients. When hotels make it easier for the guests, not only will they keep coming back for more and more, but also they will tell all their friends, family and associates. Fronto serves as an effective hotel experience management tool that contributes directly and indirectly to the bottom-line. It puts your hotel in the driver's seat, influencing every aspect of the customer experience to drive loyalty and referrals which is critical at a time when social media gives customers more access and power than ever to share feedback.

Digital self-service is an expected option from guests especially Millennials. Give them seamless technology that connects you directly with where they are, in the online space and social media. Hotels need to adapt to this growing need by prioritizing data, technology, and connectivity. It’s important to know what your guests specifically desire and consequently, how to provide the appropriate services through the appropriate hotel systems, channels and applications. The tradition of limiting service and interaction to just your hotel staff and welcome lobby is being outgrown by the ability of technology and streamlining. Fronto is the bullseye hotel app that targets exactly what your guests desire, then figures out the best avenues to deliver an experience they will never forget. Give your guests speed of service and ability to customize personal preferences, then just watch your bookings increase remarkably.

Implementing an effective hotel self-service app helps you maximize your resources accordingly. Imagine the cost-savings possible when you give your guests more power of self-service and choice. It clearly proves that the hotel is there to cater to their needs, this helps build a powerful bond for repeat business. Innovative self-service approach allows your employees to be less transactional and focus on establishing genuine connections with guests. Be sure to get Fronto for your hotel today.

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