The Future of Digital Assistants

The Future of Digital Assistants

The one constant thing about the hotel industry is change. We’ve seen it with the introduction of smoke-free rooms and now digital assistants.

It should come as no surprise that innovation is key to maintaining customer satisfaction. It’s our job to meet the needs of the customers in every way possible. Using modern day technology to make this happen is what the Digital Hotel Assistant Fronto is all about. Nothing since the advent of the personal computer has had such an impact on the way we hotel owners and managers do business.

Customer service simplified

Everyday customers have questions that need to be answered. The old way of accomplishing this task was for the customer to stand and wait at the receptionist desk. Weary travelers hate having to stand there while other guests are being waited on. The truth of the matter is, most questions customers ask are easy to answer. The time-consuming part is the back and forth banter that is a part of the process. Enabling guests to ask questions via a smartphone app changes everything. It cuts down on delivery time for help, and it also improves overall customer satisfaction.

Evenly spread out the workload

A digital assistant makes it possible for hotel managers to delegate tasks to other workers. Their time isn’t spent having to talk to people on a personal basis. The questions are answered quickly and promptly using the app. The customer is satisfied, and the worker gets to move on with their next task. The entire process frees up everyone to take care of the guest more thoroughly. Something as small as offering a digital assistant to guests can make their stay much more enjoyable.

Knowledge is power

Guests have a wide array of questions. This is common since most people are from out of town. Where are the best restaurants? Where can I get my haircut? These are the types of questions reception desks have to deal with daily. They do if their guests don’t have access to Fronto. If they did, then the guests would simply turn to their smartphone for answers. The most common questions are answered right from within the app. Getting help for an out of towner is only a matter of a tap or two.

Create a hospitable atmosphere

The fluidity that a digital assistant offers is one that can’t be denied. It has an impact on every aspect of the hospitality industry. A guest can feel from the very getgo if things aren’t flowing properly. If there’s a kink in the chain, they’ll surely notice. The way hotel managers ensure the entire process flows smoothly from start to finish is by taking advantage of modern-day technology. Doing so offers the possibility of achieving higher guest and employee satisfaction levels.

The future is today

It is when taking advantage of all the features that Digital Hotel Assistant Fronto has to offer. Never before has hotel owners and managers had access to such state of the art technology. It has changed the way management, and guests interact. The process to integrate it into existing wifi is almost seamless, and it will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty as well.

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