How To Bring The Power Of Digital Innovation To Your Hotel

How To Bring The Power Of Digital Innovation To Your Hotel

Hotels from the future:

The digital innovations we are witnessing today are transforming different industries, from healthcare, media, finance, to hospitality.

Digital innovations for hotels are spreading vastly across the world nowadays.

They take a multitude of shapes, such as digital hotel assistants, augmented reality, in addition to self-check-in and biometric recognition.

These innovations act together to make the guest experience a more compelling one.

Either by helping guests avoid the long waiting lines, reducing the hotel’s labor costs, or optimizing the hotel’s resources, digital innovations for hotels are valuable on many aspects.

Digital Hotel Innovations: What Benefits?

We believe that digital hotel innovations are a great investment.

Digital transformations will allow you to meet your guests’ increasing expectations, manage time and money more effectively, and stay ahead of your competitors.

When including digital innovations in your hotel, you will be surprised at the advantages it will generate.

The benefits digital innovations will induce for your hotel will vary in nature. They can be related to financial profits, productivity, and even environmental sustainability.

These benefits can be as follows:
  • Time-Saving: As your guests will be able to check-in or check-out using front desk tablets, the days of long waiting lines and frustrated guests will be over.

    Digital assistants will not only increase your guests’ level of satisfaction, but they will also give you time to focus on other important areas while managing your hotel.
  • Optimized Performance: Since digital assistance will free you from many tasks, you will be able to orientate your staff towards other missions.

    A digital assistant will take charge of numerous chores, leaving those that require more human interactions to your agents.
    With the help of a digital assistant, your crew will finally be available to give your guests the attention and care they are seeking.
  • Security and Suitability: During their stay, your guests will be pursuing either the comfort of their home or the comfort they miss on the normal days.

    Thus, they will be looking for any options with high accessibility, fewer efforts, and secured data.

    A digital assistant will grant your guests the accessibility to smart TVs in the room, their mobile keys, and any other smart devices.

    It will be also protecting their personal data, such as their credit card numbers or contact information.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Going green will permit your hotel to contribute to environmental protection. Moreover, it will help you reduce energy costs too.

    Having a digital program through which your guests can control the room lighting, or automatically turn off electricity in vacant spaces will make saving energy and money easier than ever.

What’s Best For Your Hotel:

At Fronto, we believe that digital hotel innovations will make you on top of the game. It will enhance your guests’ experience, reduce costs, and help you acquire a perfect reputation.

Hence, we designed Fronto to push your hotel to its greatest potential.

Our advanced digital assistant will introduce your guests to all your products and services, making their experience at your hotel the most comfortable one.

Learn how Fronto is elevating the guest experience.