How To Take Advantage Of Your WiFi Landing Page

How To Take Advantage Of Your WiFi Landing Page

In today’s interconnected world, reliable WiFi has become a must-have in almost every location.

This has become especially true throughout the hotel industry, where offering your customers a speedy internet connection can make-or-break how they view their stay.

To this end, adopting an innovative solution for your hotel’s WiFi landing page can help your guests feel more at ease while providing them ready access to all of the amenities your facility has to offer. In short, an excellent WiFi landing page can help separate your organization from the pack, both in terms of professionalism and guest experience, while a subpar WiFi landing page represents a notable missed marketing opportunity.

To help our readers better understand just how a strong WiFi landing page can positively impact their hotel’s business, we’d like to take some time to highlight the notable advantages of this often overlooked tool.

How Do WiFi Landing Pages Work?

As many professionals within the hospitality industry understand, WiFi landing pages are the first digital point of contact guests have with your facility’s internet infrastructure. When a guest connects to your facility’s WiFi, they are automatically redirected to a WiFi landing page, which typically displays some sort of static advertisement or announcement.

More specifically, a WiFi landing page is a sort of captive portal system, which operates by routing all traffic to the landing page first. From here, after your guests input the network credentials provided to them, they will have access to whichever website they please.

Clearly, this aspect of the WiFi landing page presents a unique opportunity for savvy hotel managers, as landing pages allow your hotel to garner the undivided attention of your guests before they move onto their next digital destination.

Provide Easy Access To Hotel Services

Thanks to the centralized nature of WiFi landing pages, they offer a great chance to highlight the impressive services provided by your hotel. An intuitive layout of the many services and amenities provided by a hotel gives guests easy access to the numerous experiences and perks that can improve the quality of their visit.

Whether your hotel offers a five-star dining experience, a full-service spa room, or simply free laundry, a high-quality WiFi landing page will help to guarentee that confusion surrounding your facility’s offerings and perks will become a thing of the past.

Furthermore, easy access to hotel services can easily yield higher overall revenues, as customers who are better aware of the fantastic experiences offered their favorite hotel are far more likely to pay for such opportunities than those who are not.

Promote Your Hotel’s Brand

A WiFi landing page is more than just a digital portal that assists in controlling network access. In fact, landing pages can serve as a means of promoting your hotel’s unique brand while boosting your overarching marketing message at the same time.

In fact, a curated WiFi landing page will highlight:
- A hotel’s logo, yielding higher brand recognition
- Exclusive deals, which help to drive add-on purchases
- Corporate social media accounts, which can promote brand loyalty

As with any marketing tool, WiFi landing pages offer the dynamic ability to broadcast your brand’s identity.

Seamlessly Highlight Upcoming Events

While this goes hand-in-hand with brand promotion, the opportunity to highlight your hotel’s events deserves its own recognition. WiFi landing pages can easily transform into minimalist event calendars, which, in turn, can produce greater guest attendance.

From a Manager’s Happy Hour to an extraordinary excursion into the surrounding community, the chance to better communicate exciting upcoming events is sure to delight your guests and assist in bettering your hotel’s bottom line.

Fronto Can Help Your WiFi Landing Page Shine

If you’re in the market for a WiFi landing page solution or considering an upgrade to your current setup after reading this article, we strongly suggest looking into Fronto. As a powerful digital assistant-backed product, Fronto can help your hotel derive beneficial value from the free WiFi it already provides to customers.

With Fronto, the process is as simple as setting up our Digital Hotel Assistant as your hotel’s WiFi landing page. From here, once guests connect to your network, they will be greeted by our digital assistant, which will automatically load within their browser. Once Fronto is up and running, it can connect with your guests in a personable way that has never been possible before.

We are confident that Fronto’s intuitive, friendly, and helpful nature will help your guests get the most out of their stay with you. As such, we invite you to contact us and see how your hotel can get started with our innovative digital assistant today.

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