Dynamic and innovative hotel solutions for a competitive edge

Dynamic and innovative hotel solutions for a competitive edge

Are you ready to take full advantage of innovative solutions in hotels, taking guest experience to the next level, introducing your digital hotel assistant-Fronto.

Let's face it, we're living in a brand new world, the digital age. Leverage Fronto today to deliver extraordinary guest service that will have them coming back for more and more. Even better, your guests will be bragging about your hotel superior service to all their friends, family and associates. With the digital age has also come social media and the times of social proof for everything. There's no better marketing tool than delivering amazing customer service from start to finish.
Today's highly competitive marketplace demands innovative hotel self-service solutions to stay ahead of the latest trends, if you snooze you lose. The best way to dominate your niche is to embrace innovation and not to run away from it. Fronto delivers the perfect web app to set you apart from your competitors, overnight you can transform beyond a mere reception of papers to a fully intuitive and integrated digital hotel assistant. Customers nowadays demand smart solutions across the board. Paperless solutions and mobile apps are a must.

For the tech-savvy everyday traveler, a hotel room is no more just a place to rest at the end of the night, it's a fully operating hub that connects seamlessly to the world wide web. Whether your customer needs to prepare for a business meeting or enjoy an entertaining night out on the town, it's a competitive advantage to deliver an experience they'll never forget. And of course, share with everybody! The digital hotel assistant allows you to connect directly with your customer. Fast-paced clientele demand the highest quality from the hospitality industry, give them what they need so you can establish a strong connection to make them lifetime valued customers. Embrace the power of Fronto to take any hassle out of the travel experience and delight guests with personalized 24/7 access from anywhere plus do-it-yourself control.

Fronto allows you to deliver information that matters to your hotel guests when they need it about hotel products, services or any specials. The era of standard customer satisfaction has been eclipsed by unique customer experience. Real-time portal communication builds a strong bond between hotel and guest. Boost the guest experience by delivering state-of-the-art self service conducive to loyalty. Providing online access about all your hotel services also frees up internal resources to focus elsewhere in the organization for even greater results.

Adopting technology that streamlines resources puts your organization clearly in the driver's seat. Guests nowadays are more informed and connected than ever, the smartphones and MacBooks are crucial members of the extended family, cater to their needs and you will win customers for life. Streamlining also allows your hotel the capacity to increase sales. When you leverage Fronto, you can increase guest access to premium services establishing more revenue streams. Additionally, Fronto connects to Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck profile encouraging guests to leave comments about their experience at your hotel attracting the rest of the marketplace. Maximize hotel efficiency and effectiveness, get Fronto today. Please check out our blog for the latest Innovative solutions in hotels and elevating guest experience.

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